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Information on engine horse powers for ride on lawnmowers.


Engine manufacturers have stopped referring to their engines with gross horse power which is a variable measure. Instead manufacturers are now categorising engines in cc terms (Cubic centimeters).

  Briggs and Stratton PowerBuilt Series (PB Series) engines for ride on lawnmowers come in two different sizes. 344cc and 500cc.  
  344cc engines are commonly found in 36 inch machines and the 500cc engines are found in the 40 inch lawnmowers. The 48 inch Castelgarden has a 656cc twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine.  
Below are links to Briggs and Stratton for details on their engines, click on 'Specification' for engine HP details.
  You will notice that 10.5hp, 11.5hp, 12.5hp and 13.5hp are all 344cc engines  
  Also notice that 15.5hp, 16.5hp, 17.5hp, 18.5hp and 19.5hp are all 500cc engines  

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