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Ride on lawn mowers for sale in Ireland

We have been supplying and servicing ride on lawnmowers for sale in Ireland for over forty years.

With us you can buy ride on lawnmowers from all the big brands - Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, Alpina, Lawn King and Snapper at great value prices. Our delivery service for ride on lawn mowers in Ireland is dependable and allows us to send your ride on lawnmower fully assembled and oiled, ready to cut the grass.

Husqvarna ride on lawnmowers are the most popular ride on mower in Ireland. We stock many different models of Husqvarna tractor mowers, including the TC138 and TC242T, our two most popular Husqvarna ride on lawnmowers at great prices. Spare parts for Husqvarna mowers are available through our store in Newry, Northern Ireland, with a wide range of fast moving mower parts in stock from spare lawnmower decks to spare solenoid switches for a range of ride ons.

Before buying your ride on lawnmower for sale in Ireland

Here are a few pointers to consider before buying a new ride on lawnmower in Ireland:

Research the different brands of ride on lawnmowers for sale in Ireland - keeping in mind the reputation of the brand, availability of spare parts and recommendations from friends. Some brands are better at coping with Irish weather than others. We don't stock any brands that we don't think are suitable for our conditions.

Measure your lawn taking into account obstacles such as trees and flowerbeds - this is to help you choose a suitable size of ride on lawnmower in Ireland.

Consider if you wish to mulch your lawn or collect your grass. If you are sure you want to mulch perhaps a dedicated mulching ride on lawnmower for sale is the right mower for you. We stock dedicated mulching mowers from both Snapper and Husqvarna.

Consider access to your lawn, widths of paths and entrances into your garden may restrict the width of a ride on mower you can buy.

Keep in mind security of your ride on lawnmower. Although we try to offer the lowest price possible there is no escaping the fact that ride on lawnmowers are expensive. Have you got a secure location to store your ride on lawnmower?

Think about your old ride on lawnmower. We offer trade ins on some ride on lawnmowers - this can reduce the cost of buying a new ride on lawnmower for sale in Ireland. If your mower is old and beyond repair we can take it away free of charge when we deliver your new mower.

Features of ride on lawnmowers for sale in Ireland

Ride on lawn mowers for sale in Ireland come in many shapes and sizes with many different features, here we hope to guide you through some of the jargon you may come across on your search for the perfect ride on lawnmower for you

Hydrostatic drive on a ride on lawnmower for sale is often referred to as "Automatic Drive". This is due to the fact it is comparable to how an automatic car operates without the need for a gear stick. The operator simply presses down on the forward pedal and the lawnmower moves forward, the more you press the faster you go. Similarly in order to reverse you press down on the reverse pedal - There is no need for any gear changes. This system leads to a much smoother cutting experience and gives the operator much more control over their speed.

Side chute and direct chute ride on lawnmowers Ireland. This refers to the collection chute on the ride on lawn mower for sale. Side chute lawnmowers have a chute running up the side of the tractor - this method of collection is becoming less common these days. Direct chute collection is where the grass chute runs up the middle of the ride on lawnmower, hidden from view. This is popular with Honda ride on lawn mowers and now with Husqvarna ride on lawnmowers for sale in Ireland as it allows the lawn mower to collect grass more efficiently and with less blockages due to damp grass.

What is Mulching and what are the benefits? Some ride on lawnmowers, such as the Husqvarna TC242Tand Stihl RT5112 can be fitted with a mulch plug. Some premium level models like the Honda HF2417HME and the Husqvarna TC242TX come with a lever operated mulching plate, which can be operated from the seat. When a ride on lawnmower is used with the Mulching Plug attached this causes grass clippings to be cut into very fine particles and then, using positive air pressure created below the deck, forces the particles down into the turf. These cuttings are not easily visible and quickly decompose to soil.

When done correctly, you literally cannot tell that the clippings have not been collected!

Recycling clippings in this way returns valuable nutrients to the soil producing a healthier, greener garden. Mulching also helps reduce cutting time - no need to stop and empty the grass bag or dispose of grass cuttings. You can easily decide to Mulch or Collect - simply push in the Mulching Plug or remove to Collect the clippings as normal if you buy a ride on lawnmower with a collection bag. Dedicated mulching mowers such as the Husqvarna TS138 and the Husqvarna Rider R214TC do not give you the option to collect.

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